Facility Update – New vSTARS Files Available


New vSTARS files for both NCT and SFO are available!

This includes the following:

  • New NCT sector depictions (view able by clicking “GEO MAPS” and opening the relavent map through the command area)
  • Positions updated to POF v7.0
  • KSFO ASDE-X (ASSC). Open by typing “.ASDEX KSFO”
  • Updated RDVS
  • Creation of SFO ATCT vSTARS file


  • The new vSTARS files do not contain aliases. Aliases can be imported from the “Positons & Aliases” tab in the Facility Configuration window.
  • The SFO ATCT file has a default visibility range of 20nm. This can be adjusted from the “Airspace” tab in the Facility Configuration window
  • S1s/S2s using this file to control Tower/Ground should familiarize themselves with Pages 1 and 6 of the vSTARS Command Reference at a minimum.

Please update vSTARS to version 1.1.3 before importing the new files.

AIRAC 1703 for vSTARS and vERAM has also been posted to the downloads page with an automatic installer.